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Price: 2499
Build Budget The Classical Way

Learn the budget building First step toward wealth creation with Classical Teaching Concepts

Price: 3999
Data to Decision Tools

Use Tools to Make a Decision about the budget before shopping

Price: 3000
Quiz and Quest

Discover knowledgeable information in a unique way. Explore Well Curated Quiz to Learn about Wealth, Money, Business and Brands.

Price: 999
Predictive Financial Planning

Dive into Future needs with the learning of Advance Financial Planning with Predictive Learning Module

Price: 1899
Power of Ai

Get answers generated by AI to Stay relevant in the 21st Century

Price: 4999

Get a Report by participating in the Urbanbeat survey.

Price: 1500
Urban beat Newsletters

Explore Urban Beat newsletters to get updates from new product launches to key indicators

Price: 999
Financial Topic Borad

Get a Financial topic board with a time save system for key news of the week

Price: 10000
Financial Courses

Experience 7+ courses on Financial well-being

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