• Lunch to Empower Individual Well Being

  • Data Collection Start to empower individual for information.

  • Testing and Checking of Data Module and Results

  • Revision of Data Module as First Test Do Not Show promising results.

  • Rebuilding Modules with New Features and Data

  • More Small Courses Added to

  • Brand Registration Process Starts

  • Inflation Module Testing Starts

  • Concept Proven testing done.

  • Course Rebuild with More Promising Results

  • Quiz Module Build

  • Ai Driven Content added to under Expert Guidance

  • Newsletter Starts

  • Build a Budget Buy a Car Course Added to

  • Profession appointment starts to focus on Each Category of Planning

  • Financial Topic Board started to provide more information to individuals.

  • Books Club Start to Spread Financial Knowledge

  • Systematic Student Enrolment starts.

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