Do not Share Personal Information

We take personal Security Seriously. Please do not share any info with that reveals your info. We develop a system to share info without compromising your security. We collect data for analysis purposes without personal identity, so do not share any information like bank ID and password or your financial statement.

Do not Share Personal Information

We do not ask for any payment except course fees, so do not pay any Urban Beat employee in any form.

Participation in Quiz and Survey

We create a system of quizzes and surveys to promote brands and businesses without compromising your identity. We do not store any data after 30 days, so do not ask for data. We store price and opinion data for analysis and share opinion results on the platform. Do not share this opinion on social media Platforms. Use it for your purpose only.

Budget Modules

Budget Modules are in download form so make it password protective and do not upload it to
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Budget Quiz

Try budget quiz to check your financial knowledge